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Are you a member of Metro Nashville Police Department, local law enforcement, or retired law enforcement and want to be a member of a progressive law enforcement organization? Click here to join!

One of the benefits of becoming a member of the local chapter of the NBPA is membership in PLEA (Professional Law Enforcement Association).

As a member of PLEA, the Legal Defense Fund will pay legal fees, on behalf of our members, for the following matters arising from a duty related incident, as defined in the PLEA Legal Defense Handbook and Summary Plan Description.

These incidents include; defense of criminal charges, defense of civil lawsuits, and defense of administrative proceedings arising from incidents involving the public.


$ 18.00 bi-monthly
$ 36.00 per month
$ 432.00 per year


phone: 615-573-6695

PO Box 100901 Nashville, TN 37224

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